Monday, 30 March 2015

Essential Oils : My Daily Essential Oil Routine

So most of you are probably wondering how on earth you use all of these essential oils in your every day life. It's one thing for me to say "hey, this oil is great for soothing headaches" or "this oil is great for helping to relieve muscle aches" but it's another to really see how someone uses essential oils in their busy day. 

I know that actually hearing someone go through which oils they use, for what, and when, was the most helpful way for me to structure the way that I use essential oils in my day to day life. So I'm writing mine down for you, in the hope that it makes the way forward a bit clearer for those who are thinking about using essential oils, or those that are using them but don't feel they are getting the most out of them. 


My morning routine is relatively simple. When I get out of bed I apply Elevation, doTERRA's joyful blend, across my heart. I love the way that Elevation really helps to lift my mood and give me an energy boost. It makes me much less crabby in the morning (I am not a morning person, not a 6am morning person anyway), and I find I have much more patience during the day as a result. 

I apply it across my heart so that the skin is not exposed to sunlight. Citrus oils can cause skin sensitivity it the skin is exposed to direct sunlight in the 6-12 hours after applying, and Elevation contains citrus oils. 

I then use On Guard, doTERRA's protective blend. I apply it to both of my big toes. On Guard contains immune boosting essential oils, and I definitely need all the immune boosting I can get with a toddler and a baby in the house. 

If I have a bath I add Peppermint essential oils to the bath. I only add two drops, doTERRA's Peppermint is pretty potent! I once added four drops to the bath and even though the water was hot, when I got out I was shivering because Peppermint has a cooling effect on the skin. 

If I'm having a shower rather than a bath, I open the bottle of Peppermint and inhale. I find Peppermint focuses my mind and gives me the boost I need to get everything organised for the day. 

I put two drops of Lemon essential oil into my glass of water in the morning. Lemon is great for aiding digestion and supporting the liver and kidneys. It also tastes great! Remember to only add essential oils to your water if they have the supplement information on the bottle, otherwise they are not safe for consumption. 


I add Grapefruit essential oil to a large glass of water. Grapefruit is great for helping to support the endocrine system and supporting hormone balance. It also curbs sweet cravings (mine are worse in the afternoon) and cleanses the palate. 

I also diffuse Balance in the afternoon. Balance is doTERRA's grounding blend and it helps to relieve stress and tension. I love that it really seems to help me and the kids to be in a more relaxed frame of mind, meaning less arguments and squabbling from them, and more patience from me. 


I apply Lemongrass and Frankincense over my thyroid gland in my neck to help support the thyroid. I apply this at night only because Lemongrass is a citrus oil and so I need to stay out of the sunlight for 12 hours after applying it. 

I also apply Frankincense to my scars, I have a lovely one from taking dessert out of the oven on Christmas day! 

I take a vegetable capsule containing three drops of Grapefruit and two drops of Frankincense to support my thyroid and help my body to regulate and balance hormones. 

If I've been to The Circuit Factory I will also have a bath and add three drops of Deep Blue. Deep Blue is doTERRA's soothing blend and it helps to soothe aching muscles and to unwind my body before I settle down to sleep. 

Finally I apply Ylang Ylang to my big toe and across my collar bones to help my body and mind to relax before sleep. I have also started diffusing Cedarwood and Bergamot to aid in sending me off, and keeping me, in dreamland. 

So that's how I use my essential oils on a day to day basis. Obviously I often add in more oils, such as Peppermint for abdominal cramps, Digestzen for tummy troubles and Frankincense for headaches as necessary. 

Additional Oils: 

Over the next few months I am also looking to add in Clary Calm, doTERRA's monthly women's blend and doTERRA's phytoestrogen supplement to further help my body to balance my hormones. Given my thyroid problems I find my hormones are often out of balance and need a little bit more support. 

How do you use essential oils in your daily life? 

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